POWER Pressure test pumps are complete instruments for measuring various objects and installations - for example heating/cooling systems, solar energy systems, pipes, hoses, cylinders, armatures etc.

The special suction/feed hose is an accessory which can fit all POWER pressure test pumps model TP.
With  2 m. length and suction height, liquids are easily pumped directly from tanks, cans, buckets etc.
The hose can also be connected directly to a tap and in that way supply the POWER TP with water in large quantities which makes the pumping work much easier. 

POWER TP pumps have on/off ball valves.
Only 1/4 turn of the T-handle is required for the operation.

The water level measure on the inside of the tank shows the quantity of which has been pumped.

  • The standard manometer is easily replaced by the new POWER digital manometer.
  • Precise reading of rising/falling pressure.
  • Precision class 0.5.
  • Choose ordinary measurement of the present pressure - or PEAK - in which case the digital manometer will show the maximum obtained pressure.


Please notice how handy the POWER test pumps are shaped for carrying. A heavy shackle locks the long pumping bar with a single grasp and enables you to use it as a handle. In the tank, the craftsman can carry hoses and various tools required for his job.

Additional accessories

  • Digital manometer with PEAK function class 0.5
  • 5 m pressure hose
  • 2 m suction/feed hose with connection kit.
  • Various POWERfix quick connectors for threads etc.

Technical Data:

Type: TP 5 0 TP 100 TP 250
Max. pressure 50 bar 100 bar 250 bar
Stroke vol. 50 ccm 22 ccm 8 ccm
Connection 1/2" WRG 1/2" WRG 1/2" WRG
Tank capacity ca. 12 l ca. 12 l ca. 12 l
Lickuids Water, oil, antifreeze etc.
Temperature max. 50 C 95 C 95 C

80 mm
25 or 60 bar

80 mm
100 bar

250 bar

Hose 2 m Pressure hose 2 m Pressure hose 2 m Pressure hose
L x W x H 720 x 170 x 260 mm 720 x 170 x 260 mm 720 x 170 x 260 mm
Weight 7,5 kg 8.0 kg 9,0 kg