A well-known technique based on physics:
Pump liquid, e.g. water into a sealed tank and the pressure will rise.

With modern POWER test-equipment there are several possibilities to use this technique under absolute control as the best and safest way to test pipelines and other installations, boilers, tanks, radiators, armatures etc.

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POWER pressure test with engine

For pressure test of pipe installations of any kind, e.g. district heating, various water conduits, steam lines, etc. Besides heat exchangers, pipes and fittings.
POWER TPM systems assist contractors, pipe and plumbing fitters, waterworks and heating plants, etc. with speedy pressure tests. Factories and workshops can rationalize pressure test work in production.
The TPM system sucks from a reservoir or is pressure fed e.g. from a water hydrant. It is 10 times more efficient than manual operation. It saves time and efforts. An energy-saving function draws directly from an electric or petrol engine for professional assistance everywhere.
The POWER TPM plant is built into a sturdy pipe frame which protects and facilitates handling, servicing, etc. Easy and safe transport with sturdy wheels. Also available in stationary version without cart or built into a presentable steel case. 

The desired pressure is adjusted at the automatic pressure control. Subsequently, the TPM system will fill and pressurize the connected sample just up to the selected pressure which will be automatically maintained during inspection and venting. On-off stop valves with a clearly visible open - close position facilitates operation and ensure confidence in function and control.
The vibration damped manometer is coupled directly to the outlet.

Standard accessories

  • 2 m reinforced suction hose with strainer.
  • 2 m high-pressure hose
  • 10 m. rubber cable for electric engine

Auxiliary equipment

  • A liquid meter measures the water consumption during operation and refilling. Reading in steps of 0.1 liter.
  • 5 m. high-pressure hose
  • POWERfix connectors for quick coupling to and decoupling from the sample.
The automatic pressure control works hydraulically according to a patented construction specially designed for pressure testing. This means safety for chosen pressure compensating for variations in the inlet pressure to the plant pump - another standard built-in advantage of POWER TPM. 
Type Max pressure
Engine kW Weight kg. Dimensios cm.
50/725 11 1x220v 1,5 45 L = 80
W = 45
H = 63
3x380v 1,5 40
Petrol 1,6 35
100 *
100/1450 11 3x380v 2,0 45
Petrol 4,1 40
200 *
200/2900 15  
The POWER pressure test system works with ordinary water, glycol mixtures, various oils/emulsions. Max. temperature 60C.
* Executed on request.